Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

What a week. It just kept going and going and going. I kept trying to post and then something would come up, and another something and so on and so forth. It has been busy. On Monday Hannah came over to make banana bread. Yes, she has an oven, but this way we got to smell the lovely aroma and share in the experience. She had never made banana bread before. Again, she had never made banana bread before. Can you believe that? Still, I think she did an excellent job and next time she will know how to use the timer. ( She set the timer for 60 hours instead of 60 minutes...) Doesn't it look good?

While she was here she was able to witness me opening my new yarn swift. Yes, yes, I am just getting a yarn swift. I never felt the need for one because my husband was so good at holding yarn for me. You see, his mother was a weaver and so he had been well trained. But, alas, my husband is traveling quite a lot these days, in fact he leaves for Finland again tomorrow, and I now find that I am in need of extra help. Actually got it for 1/2 off from Joann's. Nice. Makes ball winding much faster. Of course, I am still doing that by hand.

This week was also science fair for Conner and Anna. They work on these projects all Fall and Winter and finally, on Wednesday they were able to present their projects. They did an absolutely great job! Anna's project was a continuation of one she did with Brianna last year, but this year she designed and made a filter that used aloe vera to filter water that had been contaminated with e-coli bacteria. It was successful in that there was actually a reduction in the level of bacteria in the water, but a lot more testing would be needed to determine how well it would work as a n actual product. Good project!

Now Conner, well he always has a good time at science fair and is good at creating a lot of, ...hmmmm.... interest.
But he did actually have a good project as well. His involved using solar panels as a way to boost the range of electric vehicles. Sort of a renewable hybrid if you will. His project was also successful in that the range of his vehicle was improved. But he also learned how to make electronic circuits and did an awesome job.

Of course on Thursday I went to Bobaknit. There were 25 people there! Yowza. I was able to teach a newbie how to knit and she picked it up very quickly... Good job Leilani! I also learned a new technique for doing cables without a cable needle from Linda. Awesome. I have a feeling that this will come in handy in future Sock Madness challenges!

And of course, today is St. Patrick's Day. We got an early start yesterday with some dance-outs at local schools, senior centers and the like. Anna was a little unenthusiastic about going to the last stop for her for the day, Palm. Now they had danced there last year and had a good time. They treat the kids well, make sure they have something to munch on and something to drink (always a nice touch when you have invited Irish Dancers out), so Anna begrudgingly came along and danced... but it was hot and she was tired.

(That is Anna above on the far right and below in the front row facing the audience, 2nd from the right)

So, after the kids were all done dancing someone comes and wheels up a trolley with a goodie bag for each of the dancers and inside is, well - look for yourself:

...they gave each of the dancers a Palm Pilot. Only in Silicon Valley.

So. Sock Madness should start up again soon since all of the brackets are now complete. Today we have more Irish dancing to do, the local Irish Social club dinner dance should be fun. They are bound to be a very appreciative audience!


hannahbee said...

happy st patty's day! that is the EXACT same palm pilot i have. :) i barely use it. need to organize my life.

Jean said...

Happy St. Patty's day to you, too!

Anabel said...

Happy St. Patrick's day! I can't believe Hannah had never made banana bread before. That's rather shocking (from a certain perspective). It looked tasty. And I love the Irish dance outfits. Did you make Anna's dress?

Deborah (a.k.a. Mt. Mom) said...

Happy Paddy's Day!
Ya' know, back in Houston I played tenor drum in a bagpipe band. St. Patrick's Day was always a good day for gigs. Pleasant memories.

Just wanted to say "hi" before round 2 gets under way. I think we'll be paired up in it. Your work and pace in round 1 were impressive. It'll be an honor and definitely a *challenge* being in the race with you.

Freecia said...

I'm ignorant about the skills of your children but Irish Stepdancing? Awesome!

danielleino (I know) said...

I would first of all like to congratulate Hannah on her baking but you seemed so surprised that she has never made banana nut bread. So I figured I would share with you that I have not made banana nut bread either.

I also wanted to comment on Conner with the girls, you have got to save that picture. We will show that to his wife someday!! :)