Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sock Madness- sock #1

Sock Madness- sock #1
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Look what I did today! Yup, one day, one sock. hopefully I can repeat my performance tomorrow.

Don't they look like mint cookies or something?! (Maybe I'm just hungry)


Bogie said...

Wow, that was fast! Looks great. Good luck tomorrow (and don't forget to eat).

Jeni said...

Jeezus! 1 Day? Seriously?

Cindy said...

They are very simple though. 2x2 rib, stockinette stripes in an easy repeating pattern, short row heel and then down to the toe. Today might be harder, I have more driving around to do :(

hannahbee said...

eating is good. :)
sock is muy bonita!! good job sensei!

Margie said...

You were faster than I, but I did go out during the day on Sunday. It was too gorgeous not to. I've only knit two (individual) socks toe up myself, so I chose the top down option onthese. Had to frog one heel and redo it. Not my favorite method. My husband l at me like he thought I was crazy when I was really concentrating on that heel, tongue hanging out, scowl on face.

Congratulations! On to round two.