Monday, March 12, 2007

So, a quick update. I have just learned that I have indeed made it to the 2nd round of Sock Madness. Thanks to all of you who have been cheering for me! Now, I am not entirely sure when the 2nd round will begin. It may depend on when others are finished, for example at this time only 6 from my division are done - we need 10 more to finish before we can move on.

It was fun. I am not sore or crampy (I credit my arnica cream!) and today I will rest and enjoy the very beautiful weather that we are having!


cindy said...

You have Meyers lemons fresh!!! I love those are sooo lucky.
Here's the recipe:

Cut 7 thin-skinned lemons (Meyer lemons are especially lovely) lengthwise into eight segments each. Pick out seeds. In a large mixing bowl, toss lemon segments with 1/2 cup coarse salt. Pack lemons and salt into a 1-quart wide-mouthed canning jar. If you like, wedge in 1 tablespoon cardamom pods and 3 bay leaves. Press down firmly. Add enough lemon juice (about 1/4 cup) to cover. Seal. Let rest at room temperature, shaking once a day, for three weeks. Float a thin film of olive oil over the top. Refrigerate.

Jean said...

I *am* sore. There's a muscle at the back of my left shoulder that A) I did not know I have and B) did not know I used for knitting. But I guess that's just another thing I learned in round one (along with the darn short row heels).
Jean (aka Golden Purl)

hannahbee said...

thank you for the socks cindy. i <3 them so much!! they're so soft and comfy. the banana nut bread came out uber yummy. your oven rocks. 55 hours vs. 55 minutes. god..i'm so "cute" .. retarded would be a good word. :)

Linda said...

AWESOME CINDY!!! CONGRATS!!! We are cheering for the next round!!!

JillyB said...

That is great that you got into the next round! And yes, boba needs buttons!

LLKnits said...

Congratulations! Great job.