Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Countdown to Round #2

Well, the next start date has been announced, as has my competition. Next round starts this Thursday (sometime between 1-6 p.m. my time) and I will be knitting against Mt. Mom. I finished before she did last time, but last time I did little else for the entire weekend. This time will be a little different. For one thing, my daughter Isha will be coming home for Spring break on Thursday, my husband is away an yet another business trip to FINLAND, I have volunteered to judge at a debate competition Saturday morning (somehow I don't think they would understand if I were to bring my knitting) and... yeah. Oh well, at least it's not St. Patrick's day weekend again. I am looking forward to getting started again. Still trying to decide on my yarn though. You see, I have to contemplate my strategy (not-so-evil "muah-ha-ha" snicker). Yarn color, yarn weight, fiber make-up of said yarn, it all plays into the game. Yeah, I know- I'm just making a pair of socks. Well whatever. I'm more competitive than I thought, that's for sure.

What else. Well, as you may have noticed on the side there, I have started a new sweater for Bryan. I purchased some Araucania Chunky at Stitches from Webs and have finally gotten started on the sweater. What do you think?

Ignore the bad photo. I just wanted to show you real quick and I am in the middle of taking out a row or two because I screwed up a cable. (That's what I get for working on it at BobaKnit!. Too many distractions.) Don't you just hate that?! Actually, I think cables are more of a pain to fix than lace. argh. Oh well. At least it is not too far back.

I am feeling like I should have more on the needles though! It's kind of driving me nuts. I want to start so many projects, but with this Sock Madness thing I want to have a bit of a clear slate. Maybe it's just the time of year. Maybe I am just feeling restless because Spring is almost here and the weather can't decide if it wants to be hot or cool.

Well, I guess I'll go finish taking out my bad cables, or maybe I'll go swatch some yarn for Sock Madness, or read some knitblogs, or I could go take a bath, or....


Pauline said...

The cardigan is looking good. Lucky guy!

hannahbee said...

cindy ~ deep breaths!! :) the sweater is beau-ti-ful!

Jean said...

The husband sweater is amazing. He's going to love it.