Saturday, March 03, 2007

I missed it!

So last week while I was caught up in all that is Stitches West, I missed my 1 year Blog Anniversary! Wow. What a year. I am so glad that I started this, I have met so many wonderful people and feel like I have a lot of fun new friends. It all started with meeting Jeni. She and I both homeschool and when we were both knitting, we discovered a few shared interests and random connections to Nebraska (and our daughters became best friends as well). Jeni introduced me to social knitting and knitblogs. What a wonderful world! I met Janice, and Mary, and discovered a LYS that had some great, wonderful, helpful people like Nathania! I should also say that Jeni introduced me to The Harlot and then warned me about drinking coffee over a computer keyboard while reading her blog (good tips those!)

Then Hannah decided to take up knitting! So fun! And she even has a blog now too. We now knit together often, either with Jeni or at Bobaknit where we have discovered more laughter and hilarity than we can sometimes handle graciously. Among the Boba (almost typed bodacious!) knitters are Tina, Linda, Kristi and Cookie. There are many others who I am still getting to know and whose blogs I have yet to find/discover.

I have learned and laughed so much with all of you this last year and am looking forward to so much more!

Now on another note... That blanket.... you know the one. Guess what. I am done knitting it.


jeni said...

And what a great year it's been! I'm loving all of the new friends I've made through knitting too. Cheers!

hannah marie said...

has it been a year?


p.s. bodacious = LOL!
p.s.s. have you researched the " i HEART bobaknit " ? we NEED shirts. :)

Bogie said...

Happy Anniversary! And a big big BIG congratulations for finishing the knitting on the blanket. Whew!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Congratulations on your year! Mine won't come until (I think) July, but it feels like I've known all of you and had all this fun for so much longer. What on earth did we do/would we do without Blogland?

Cindy, 'tisn't me you need to blame at all at all, 'tis the dreaded Angeluna who hounded me into Sock Madness and wouldn't rest until I'd done some hounding too. Listen, I'm as terrified as you are!