Thursday, March 22, 2007

'Twas the night before Madness
When all through the lands
The needles were quiet
While we laid rest our hands

The yarn was 'a waiting
And so too the lap
While we tried to breathe deep
And perhaps take a nap

The stockings we'd finished
Were all put away
For a new pair would come
As we start a new day

So, to all who are waiting
With your bated breath
Better get your rest now dears,
I'll knit 'till my death!

(muah ha ha ha....!)

Sent out in good fun to all my fellow Sock Madness knitters. Good luck tomorrow!


Linda said...

You are a poet!!!! So awesome!!! Good luck on your sockies, and don't blog until THEY'RE DONE!!!:):):)

Victoria said...

LMAO! that is great!

danielleino (I know) said...

I think you are taking this a little to serious. You are really starting to scare me!

Jean said...

Fantastic! Standing ovation! I'm waiting (im)patiently by my e mail for the new pattern right now...
Good luck!

Kellie said...

lol, great poem Cindy. Good luck!!

Laura said...

That's great!

Melanie said...

I just heard about your poem.
That is too funny!
I love it!